Abstract: Future-Proofing Our Thinking – Peter Ellerton

peterellerton_wideweb__470x313,0Thinking well is a complex business.  Many thinking skills need to be learned and developed, and not all of them are well articulated or clearly identified in curricula; even then, the frames in which we think are often created by others, sometimes accidentally, limiting the range of possible solutions and inhibiting our effectiveness.  Our thinking, both individual and collective, needs a value shift from knowledge to inquiry to meet the needs of a future in which the only certainty is that we don’t know what we’ll need to know.  How this can be achieved is the focus of Peter’s work.

Peter is director of the University of Queensland Critical Thinking Project. His research focuses on the nature and teaching of critical thinking. He has worked for many years as a curriculum head of science, mathematics and philosophy in high schools and is a consultant to the International Baccalaureate Organisation in the design and implementation of science curriclua. He won the 2008 Australian Skeptics $10,000 prize for Critical Thinking for his work in developing educational resources, and he was not improved by being faith-healed on national television.

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