Adam Ford

Conference Chair: Adam Ford

adam-ford-300x3001Adam A. Ford is a director on the board of Humanity+, and is founder and president of  H+ Australia. He organised the first Singularity Summit outside the USA apart from the main ones done by the Singularity Institute. He has organized numerous conferences around science and technology, aimed at shaping the likelihood of a favorable future.

The next conference ‘Science, Technology & the Future’ will be held in Melbourne, Australia on Nov 30 – Dec 1st 2013.

Adam is also a videographer directing a few different documentaries at once – one based on the Technological Singularity, another based on the Hedonistic Imperative, one on Human Enhancement and Transhumanism, and another based on Climate Change/Geoengineering (with a few other ideas).

He has a blossoming youtube channel with over 600 videos of interviews and lectures.

Adam is also owner of Quantech Solutions, an IT company based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Singularity Summit Australia 2010 Chair, Organiser
Singularity Summit Australia 2011 Chair, Organiser
Singularity Summit Australia 2012 Chair, Organiser
Humanity+ Australia 2011 Chair, Organiser
Humanity+ Australia 2012 Chair, Organiser
Humanity+ @Hong Kong 2011 Helper
Humanity+ @San Francisco 2012 Co-Chair
Humanity+ @Beijing 2013 Co-Chair