Speaker: Andrew Dun

Andrew Dun, former philosophy graduate student.

Andrew’s work in the philosophy of mind is accompanied by an ongoing interest in the social and cultural impacts of emerging technologies.

Andrew’s philosophical work relates to the ontology consciousness. Andrew proposes the view that the relationship between physical and phenomenal properties is one of mutual representation, rather than supervenience. Here, neither domain is regarded as more fundamental. This relationship can be considered as analogous to wave-particle duality as described on some views of quantum mechanics, but where instead a duality is taken to obtain between the physical and phenomenal domains themselves, rather than their constituents.

Andrew argues that on this view we can factor out ontology and approach questions about consciousness from the perspective of functional materialism. This approach can inform our questions about consciousness as they relate to applications such as strong artificial intelligence and mind uploading.

Andrew previously presented at the Melbourne Singularity Summit, 2012 (See Below footage ‘Zombie Rights’).

Zombie Rights

Andrew Dun spoke at the Singularity Summit Australia 2012. Talk title : “Zombie Rights”.

A discussion of the rights of sentient entities. Drawing inspiration from quantum complementarity, defends a complementary notion of ontological dualism, countering zombie hypotheses. Sans zombie concerns, ethical discussions should therefore focus on assessing consciousness purely in terms of the physical-functional properties of any putatively conscious entity.

Slides for presentation can be found on slide-share!

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