We hope to see you at Science, Technology & the Future on Nov 30-Dec 1 2013! If this is of interest, please consider registering now as tickets are limited – feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

Venue: Melbourne (at RMIT, Kaleide Theatre) on Nov 30 – Dec 1 2013.

A Pre-Conference Mixer will be on Friday the 29th of Nov.

For more information on the speakers see the Speakers page!

Note that many of the presenters names and talk/panel titles are hyperlinked to more information!

Saturday 30th November

Session 1 – BioMed

9.30am Registration, Welcome, Meet and Greet and Introduction
10.00 Presentation: Andrew Dun“Music and the Machine – Technological Themes in Electronic Music
11.00 Presentation: Drew BerryExploring the Frontier of Molecular Biology with Dynamic Visualisation
12.00 Break
12.30 Presentation: David PearceThe Abolitionist Project – Paradise Engineering: Technological Pathways towards the Abolition of Suffering
1.30 Break: Lunch / Networking
2.30 Presentation: Peter DohertyPandemics – Challenges for the Future
3.30 Panel: Communicating (and understanding) future technologies in medicine
Panelists: Megan Munsie, Melanie Thomson, Martin Delatycki
Panel Chair: Shane Huntington Hosted By: Australian Science Communicators
4.30 Break

Session 2 – Engineering

5.00 Presentation: Lloyd HollenbergQuantum Reality Bytes: the Dawning Age of Quantum Information Technology
6.00 Presentation: Scott Watkins“Energy Security and the Future of Flexible Electronics”
7.00 Break
7.15 Panel: Nanotechnology – Opening New Worlds for Materials
Panelists: Scott Watkins, LH, DP
8.30 Dinner Time!

Sunday 1st December

Session 3 – Ethics & Approaches to Thinking About the Future

9:45am Welcome to 2nd day – Bright & Early – Off to a Quick Start
10.00 Presentation: Peter EllertonFuture-Proofing Our Thinking
11.00 Presentation: Marcus HutterIntroduction to the Technological Singularity
12.00 Break – Coffee / Tea
12.30 Presentation: David PearceBio-intelligence Explosion
1.30 Break: Lunch
2.30 Panel: Riding the Wave of Intelligence Augmentation
Panelists: Tim van Gelder, David Pearce, Peter Ellerton

Session 4 – Intelligent Technology

3.30 Presentation: Tim van Gelder“Intelligence Augmentation: Bringing Visual Clarity to Complex Issues”
4.30 Break – Coffee / Tea
5.00 Presentation: Marcus HutterIngredients of Super-Intelligent Machines
6.00 Presentation: Tim Josling –Practical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence
7.00 Break – Coffee / Tea
7.15 Panel: Impacts of Intelligent Technology
Panelists: Marcus Hutter, David Pearce, Andrew Dun
8.30 Dinner Time!

(Note: Meals/Drinks not included in registration fee)