A Conference on Convergences in Science and Technology

Few could predict just how fast and dramatic the social, economic and political impacts of computer technology have been in out lifetimes.

This Summer, leading scientists, inventors and philosophers will gather in Melbourne to discuss the upcoming ‘intelligence explosion’ that many now refer to as ‘The Singularity’- a technological breakthrough that promises to eclipse previous computing developments with the creation of super-human machines.
Previous conferences 2010, 2011 and 2012 each drew over a hundred local, interstate and international enthusiasts to hear first-rate speakers from a range of fields. In 2013, we have again assembled a stellar line-up – Including Nobel Prize winner Peter Doherty, Philosopher and Founder of WTA David Pearce, leading Artificial Intelligence expert Dr Marcus Hutter and many others.

The conference will explore the important ethical and philosophical dimensions of Science, Technology and the Future (as the name of the conference suggests) – whilst sharing the very latest scientific and technological breakthroughs.
There’s simply no better way to glimpse the future of these exciting technologies.

This conference is brought to you by Humanity+ and the Australian Science Communicators.

Humanity+ explores how society might use and profit from a variety of creative and innovative thought.

Join in an exciting weekend as we explore the surprising future. See you there!

Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate - Will be Speaking at Science, Technology & the Future 2013

Peter Doherty, Nobel Laureate – Will be Speaking at Science, Technology & the Future 2013

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