Abstract: Practical Aspects of Artificial Intelligence – Tim Josling

team-Tim-JoslingWe are at the beginnings of an explosion in the everyday use of artificial intelligence. After decades of disappointment and frustration, artificial intelligence and machine learning application are appearing everywhere. They are about to change our world in ways that are unpredictable and full of promise and risks. This talk focuses on what we have achieved to date, what is happening now, and the likely path of AI over the next couple of decades. It explains why the pace of past and future progress is surprisingly predictable. Includes a case study on the use of Machine Learning theory in the investment world.

About Tim Josling

Tim Josling studied Law, Anthopology, Philosophy and Mathematics before switching to Computer Science at the dawn of the computer era. He worked on implementing some of the first transactional systems in Australia, later worked on the first ATM networks and was the chief architect for one of the first Internet Banking applications in Australia, and designed an early message switching (“middleware”) application in the USA. During his career he specialised in making large scale applications reliable and fast, saving several major projects from being cancelled due to poor performance and excessive running costs. This led to an interest in the progress of computer hardware and in Moore’s Law, which states that the power of computers grows roughly 10-fold every 5 years. In his spare time he contributed to various open source projects such as the GNU Compiler Collection. After attending the first Singularity Summit in Australia, he decided to retire so he could devote himself full-time to researching Artificial Intelligence, the Technological Singularity and Trans-humanism. He is currently working on applying AI techniques to financial and investment applications.

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    I and my friends from Polish Geopolitical Society are interested to establish contact with – at first publishing Polish translation of your article. Are you interested in co-operation with us? Brgds, Daniel


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